Stormy, phone home NOW!

Stormy, please come home NOW!
Your mother and I love you and miss you terribly. The Feds are willing to drop all charges on grounds of temporary insanity. Please know they're onto Nokosee and his dad. We don't want you caught up in what's coming down. Please come home NOW before it's too late. You can contact us through this blog or on my cell phone (they promised not to trace the call). Please, Stormy, come home NOW!

P.S. Take down that stupid site (*). Selling stuff to futher "The Cause" is a waste of time and dangerous. No one in their right mind would back such a cockamamied scheme.

For those who don't believe any of this is real, please check out this story regarding the discovery of "shoulder fired missiles" recently found in a canal in Palm Beach, Florida. Although the military won't confirm or deny and the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office doesn't know where they came from, we do: Nokosee and his father's mixed-up band of renegades on the run.

This blog is based on the book by former FBI Special Investigator "Micco Mann" chronicling the exploits of Stormy Jones and Nokosee Osceola. It is hoped Ms. Jones will use it to contact her parents. For those looking for more information, please check here and here.